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Truly impressive work so far! You're beating your goals, and selling lots of wireless! You are demonstrating positive behaviors on the sales floor and it shows! Your metrics also look great! Your strongest metric is ___, and your lowest metric is ___. I believe you can bring up your ___ by ___. Keep it up, and you'll smash your monthly goal no problem!

Overall pretty good job! You're beating most of your goals! You're having lots of wireless conversations, and demonstrating many positive behaviors. You're beating ___ out of ___ metrics so far. I believe all you need to do is ___ and you'll be right where you need to be!

Seems like it's been a little tough so far. You're a little under your goals, and where you need to be. You need to sell ___ more to beat your sales goal. The good news is you're doing pretty good in ___ and ___! Great work there! Let's bring up your ___ along with your sales and we'll be looking good!

Slow start low traffic-
You're off to a slow start to the month. We have low traffic but I expect you to utilize the traffic we DO have to expand into the 4E's. Battery presentation is pretty consistent, but it needs a little more energy. I'm seeing good results in ___. I believe ___ is totally reachable. We will continue to roleplay on this and find any action gaps. Continue to transition each customer to wireless in order to sell more and up your paycheck.

Great metrics, good wireless convos-
You're delivering excellent results across your metrics. ___ in ___ is great! Now focus on upgrade checks! Overall you're a top performer. I have observed you having wireless conversations, and they are of good quality. Remember to always put customers in the VIP log.

You have made commitments, and good post, remember pre-
You have made a commitment to hit ___ in post, ___ in pre, and ___ in batteries. I would like to see atleast 3 surveys per week from you. I would like her to also execute VIP log follow up on a daily basis. Atleast one customer a day called. I would like to see you grow and become a truly unstoppable force across all metrics. Nice job selling so many postpaids! Let's not lose focus on selling prepaids too!

Why are you interested in becoming an Assistant Manager at RadioShack?

2. Are you interested in becoming a RadioShack Store Manager in the future?

3. Do you have any previous management or Leadership experience (if yes please describe)?

4. Are you willing to work at other RadioShack locations? If so, which ones?

5. Why do you think you are the best candidate for this position? What unique skills and talents will you bring to the position?

6. In your opinion, what are your strengths as an employee?

7. what could you do a better job at?

8. What would you do to positively impact your store’s performance and operations?

9. Where did rank on the Associate Sales Ranker in January, February, and March (rank and quartile)?

10. How would your sales performance impact your ability to lead your Team if promoted to ASM?

11. During our District Meeting, the management Team of 692 selected these 5 Qualities as those most important in our future Assistant Managers:

a. Excellent Customer Service (the ability to create Raving Fans from our customers)

b. Coaching Skills (the ability to influence our associates in a positive way)

c. Sales Skills (specifically the ability to recommend the complete solution and deliver strong attach metrics)

d. Operational Skills (the ability to operate to RadioShack’s Non-negotiable standards)

e. Organizational and Time Management Skills (the ability to get all tasks done quickly and efficiently while maintaining a clean, very organized environment

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